SLECEDADM - Early Education Summit for School Leaders
SLECEDWLS - Winter Early Literacy Summit
SLECEVWBB - Bounce from a Book
SLECEVWBBB - Building Foundations Through Block Play
SLECEVWBMW - Beyond Mirrors and Windows: Creating Safe Spaces for Children and Families in a Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Classroom
SLECEVWCB - When Children Become Authors: Making Class Books in the Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms
SLECEVWCLP - Empowering Creative Minds Through Loose Parts
SLECEVWCRP - Canciones, Rimas, y Poesias
SLECEVWCW - Creating the Confident Writer
SLECEVWDP - Let’s Play: Open a box and open the minds of our youngest learners in the Dramatic Play Center
SLECEVWENE - Explorando nuestro estante
SLECEVWLP - “‘What If…’ We Let Them Play?” Exploring the Importance of Play in Developing 21st Century Skills in Our Youngest Learners
SLECEVWMC - La magia de un cuento
SLECEVWNC - What's in a Name?
SLECEVWOP - Shifting the Mindset of Recess: The Importance of Outdoor Play and Risk Taking
SLECEVWPB - Take a Peek at Our Bookshelf
SLECEVWRA - Storytime Magic: Quality Read Alouds and the Importance of Story Extensions
SLECEVWSB - Bringing Books to Life with Story Baskets and Dramatization
SLECEVWSE - Our Youngest Learners: Play, Learn, and Grow Through Sensory Experiences
SLECEVWSEL - It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Socio-Emotional Learning in the Classroom for Toddlers, 2s, & 3s
SLECEVWSP - Sensory Play: Enlightening Minds, Engaging Bodies, Empowering Emotions
SLECEVWWR - Writing Workstations: Supporting a Roomful of Writers
SLECEWKBB - Bounce From a Book
SLECEWKBL - Building Blocks of Building Blocks
SLECEWKCB - When Children Become Authors: Making Class Books in Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms
SLECEWKCO - The Art of Conversation: Promoting Oral Language and Vocabulary Development with Young Children
SLECEWKCP - The Critical Importance of Play
SLECEWKCW - Creating Confident Writers in the Early Childhood Classroom
SLECEWKEFC - Coffee + Conversation: Why Einstein Never Used Flashcards and How to Focus on What Really Matters
SLECEWKIR - Doing Independent Reading Better: A Book Study of No More Independent Reading Without Support
SLECEWKLY - Little Yogi: Yoga and Mindfulness for Our Youngest Learners
SLECEWKNC - What's in a Name?
SLECEWKPH - Phonological What?
SLECEWKPL - Playing with Poetry: Literacy Learning for the Youngest Children
SLECEWKRA - The Magic of Read Aloud
SLECEWKSB - Owl Babies the Next Day: Bringing Books to Life with Dramatization and Story Baskets
SLECEWKWH - Exploring the Importance of Play in Developing 21st-Century Skills in Our Youngest Learners
SLECEWKWN - What a Writer Needs: Thinking About Writing in the Early Childhood Classroom
SLECEWKWR - The Literate Classroom: Write Around the Room
SLECEWSUI - Summer Institute on Reading, Writing, and Cultural Connections
SLECEWWCE - Writing Across the Curriculum: Elementary (2-4)
SLECEWWCP - Writing Across the Curriculum: Early Childhood (PK-1)
SLECEYCSP - Classroom Storytelling
SLECEYDOL - Developing Oral Language in Young Children
SLECEYLLA - Early Literacy Leadership Academy (ELLA) - Application
SLECEYRWR - Reading, Writing and Reasoning
SLECWKMM - Building Classroom Community Through Morning Meetings