This course takes into account all of the changes made in immigration law since September 11, 2001. The course is designed for those with experience and for those who have no formal knowledge of the law. Immigration is primarily dealt with by administrative agency laws as opposed to the courts. As such, a paralegal may be extensively used to advocate on behalf of those seeking to resolve immigration-related issues. This program shows the average consumer how to help a friend, neighbor, or family member with immigration law questions or concerns. This course takes a complex subject and breaks it down into simple terms, making the immigration law experience up-to-date, complete, and enjoyable.

For an experienced paralegal, increasing your knowledge and skill set can lead to related growth and opportunities Paralegals must stay current on technologies, trends and evolving law to stay on top of a competitive market in such timely issues as e-discovery, corporate law, criminal law, immigration, real estate and family law.  Rice University partners with the ICD, the curriculum developers of our renowned legal studies program to offer convenient on-demand courses to provide educational opportunities 24/7.

Graduates of the Rice Paralegal Certificate program are eligible for a discounted rate of $399 per course.

Course Details

  • Understand the role of administrative laws, rules, and regulations in the immigration process.
  • Be able to identify various forms of immigration
  • Be able to lay out a strategy depending on what type of immigration is being sought.
  • Identify types of immigrant status and issues related to each.
  • Have knowledge of eligibility for citizenship and the process to attain it.
  • Possess a general understanding of issues surrounding asylum seekers, refugees, and removal.

Self-Guided Learning

This course does not include traditional lectures. Instead, the student will utilize multiple study-support tools that act as a guide for the learning process. These tools may include:

  • Chapter Overview and Introduction
  • Lecture Notes
  • Chapter Review and Review Answers
  • Chapter Quiz (required to proceed)

In addition, students will have access to an instructor via email if any questions arise.

Estimated Course Hours (including study and online learning): 24 hours

Course Outline

  • Immigration Law and Policy
  • Nonimmigrants, Immigrants, and Relatives
  • Employment-Based Immigration
  • Other Types of Immigrant Status
  • American Citizenship
  • Inadmissibility, Removal, Refugees and Asylum
  • Tips for the Immigration Legal Professional
  • Paralegals seeking to further enhance their knowledge and skills
  • Professionals preparing to become a paralegal in a law firm or government agency
  • Professionals seeking legal understanding of immigration law for use in a variety of contexts

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Student Performance Assessment Methods and Grading Procedures

Your grade in this class will be based upon your cumulative understanding of the course concepts.

  • Final Exam: The final exam will be 50% of the course grade.
  • Written Assignments: You will have two written assignments, which will each be worth 25% of your final grade. The assignments will be provided on the Study Support website.

In preparing assignments, all positions and conclusions must be substantiated and supported. Identify all key areas, fully address all questions and provide the basis for your conclusion. Please also cite sources to support your statements.

Your assignment grades will be based upon the above criteria. Please be comprehensive in drafting your responses and reach out to your Instructor if you require clarification or assistance.

In order to ensure that you understand the concepts covered in the exam and assignments, make sure to review the text materials, as well as the Chapter Quizzes, available on CareerStudyLabs.com.


Learning About Immigration Law (Scaros)

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Immigration Law for Paralegals
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