Nutrition is a well-established scientific discipline, yet confusion about nutrition abounds in social and mainstream media. With guidance from dietitian Roberta Anding, learn to improve the quality of your choices at the table and cut through misinformation and health fraud. The course provides an overview of key nutrition topics, including nutritional needs, weight management, dietary supplements, and the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease. It also examines the evidence (or lack of evidence) behind some of today’s most popular diets and explores the impact of exercise on energy metabolism and weight management. In addition, we consider emerging insights from current nutritional research. Enhance your nutritional savvy in this timely, health-promoting course.


  • Health fraud and misinformation—what it is and how to spot it
  • Dietary supplements—the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Nutrition needs—calories and macronutrients
  • Nutrition and disease prevention
  • Weight management and the role of body composition
  • Nutrition, fitness and disease management

Co-sponsor: Department of Kinesiology, Rice University



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Nutrition for Health and Fitness
7:00PM to 8:30PM
Mar 25, 2020 to May 06, 2020
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  • Rice Campus
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Tuition non-credit $210.00
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Class skips April 8.

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