Speculative fiction—an umbrella term encompassing science fiction, fantasy and other works with fantastical elements—is one of humanity’s oldest and most expansive forms of storytelling. From Homer to Heinlein, Shakespeare to Shelley, people love stories that push the boundaries of our imagination. Join established speculative fiction novelist Cassandra Rose Clarke in an exploration of the elements crucial to the genre, such as worldbuilding, nonhuman characters and common speculative tropes. After reading important works of classic and contemporary speculative fiction, we will craft and share our own works of science fiction and fantasy. Writers of all levels are welcome in this workshop, as are readers who want to try their hand at writing stories of their own. 

Topics Include:

  • History of speculative literature
  • Speculative fiction in conversation with classic works
  • Mining reality for the fantastic
  • Building our own worlds
  • Writing nonhuman characters
  • Subverting speculative tropes

Co-sponsor: Writespace



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Reading and Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
7:00PM to 9:00PM
Feb 26, 2020 to Apr 01, 2020
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  • Rice Campus
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Tuition non-credit $300.00
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