More than 90 percent of successful project management is dependent on the effective use of soft skills. Making things happen using the full force of your team is critical to projects requiring more than a couple of resources, yet these areas of focus are often overlooked in the development of a project manager. Led by Bill Murray, PMP, BSChE, MBA, Ph.D., this course provides an introduction to soft skills for project managers by focusing on techniques for successful communications, leadership, team building and relationship building.

Course Details

Module 1 – Soft Skills Concepts

  • Identifying soft skill challenges
  • Identifying soft skills
  • Differentiating relationship management and task management
  • Conducting self-assessments
  • Identifying a feedback model
  • Applying the Johari Window

Module 2 – Communications Concepts and Techniques

  • Understanding communications basics
  • Model
  • Channels
  • Types of communications
  • Barriers
  • 360 communications
  • Enhancing listening skills
  • Developing questioning skills

Module 3 – Key Conversations

  • Engineering conversations
  • Building relationships
  • Managing conflict
  • Negotiating for enhanced success

Module 4 – Leading through Communications

  • Developing and conducting effective presentations
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Recapping communications
  • Revisiting self-assessment

Module 5 – Leadership Concepts

  • Understanding leadership principles
  • Identifying leadership styles
  • Building teams
  • Leading teams through the stages of team development

Module 6 – Team Building

  • Identifying and applying motivation techniques
  • Building trust
  • Building accountability

Module 7 – Leading Teams and Stakeholders

  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Managing upward
  • Problem solving through teams
  • Facilitating groups in workshops

Module 8 – The Way Forward

  • Applying techniques to challenging situations
  • Understanding a personal development model
  • Building personal action plans

Recapping course concepts and applications

  • Managers and team leaders
  • Those responsible for the success of initiatives and team projects
  • Project management professionals wanting to develop their leadership style to increase performance and better solve specific project situations
  • Individuals who want to learn techniques to foster healthy conflict and learn how to monitor and control project work by developing stronger bonds among team members
  • Individuals seeking credits towards their 60 professional development recertification units (PDUs) every three years

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Communication and Leadership for Project Managers
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