This 6-week mini-course is intended for those with a strong technical background needing a refresher in preparation for Rice Master of Computer Science or Data Science. The course is divided into three parts. The first part covers essential foundational materials in calculus and linear algebra. The second part of the course covers discrete mathematics including first order logic and inductive proofs as well as other important foundational material. The third part of the course covers essential programming basics including algorithms and data structures with practice in Python language.

The course is set up in a blended format with asynchronous content and weekly live synchronous sessions. Each week you will watch prerecorded content to learn the topic and work on practice problems independently before attending a weekly Live synchronous session. The live Session includes additional lecture material and opportunities for problem-solving and answering questions regarding the synchronous material.

Students are expected to have basic understanding of Linear Algebra and Calculus. Discrete math and programming introductory knowledge will be included.

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Computer Science/Data Science Bridge Course
8:00PM to 9:00PM
Oct 05, 2022 to Nov 09, 2022
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Blended + Synchronous  
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Fee $1,650.00
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Official dates of the course: October 3 to November 11. The live sessions will be held on the Wednesay of each week.