Since the dawn of time, humans have looked to the skies and wondered if we are alone in the universe. Astrobiology is an emerging discipline that draws on the powerful tools of astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry and geology to shed light on this question. Astrobiologists seek to identify conditions necessary for life and determine where in the universe those conditions are likely to arise. The overarching goal is to discover whether our small blue planet and the life it supports are common, rare or perhaps even unique in our galaxy and in the larger universe.

Join astrophysicist Christopher Johns-Krull, Ph.D., to learn about the birth and death of stars; the formation of planets; the evolution of life on Earth and the conditions that appear necessary for this process; the locations scientists think are most promising for extraterrestrial life; and the experimental techniques used to search for life on other planets.

+ Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University


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Astrobiology and the Quest for Life in the Universe
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Sep 30, 2020 to Nov 04, 2020
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