Our daily choices about the food we put on our plates and in our mouths can have a profound impact on our health. Poor diet contributes to one in every five deaths in the U.S., more than tobacco use and high blood pressure. Fortunately, even small dietary changes can have a big impact on health and longevity. Research has also found that those with the poorest diets stand to gain the most from improved nutrition.

Rice University dietitian Roberta Anding shares current and emerging nutritional strategies for the prevention and treatment of common diseases afflicting Americans, including heart disease, cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Although estimates vary and are intertwined with genetics, science indicates changing diet and lifestyle can reduce the prevalence of these illnesses. This course also provides insights on topics ranging from intermittent fasting to protecting immune function. Join us to learn about the powerful role nutrition can play in enhancing health.

Note: The intent of this course is to offer a general educational overview about the topics described. It is not intended to provide diagnoses, medical advice or treatment recommendations. If you are seeking specific medical guidance, please consult with your health-care provider.

+ Is intermittent fasting a viable alternative for cancer prevention?
+ Can vitamins, minerals, botanicals or supplements prevent heart disease?
+ Is a low-carbohydrate diet the best plan for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes?
+ Is coconut oil a heart-healthy fat?
+ What roles do weight and body composition have in prevention and management of chronic disease?
+ How does diet affect immunity?
+ What role can communities play in ensuring equity and access to high-quality food?

+ Department of Kinesiology, Rice University


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The Nutrition Prescription: Disease Prevention and Management
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