Take a virtual tour of seven of the United States’ great national parks with Rice University professor of geology, Dr.Cin-Ty Lee. Walk back in time through the stratigraphy of the Grand Canyon, examine the role of glaciers and climate in shaping the landscapes of Yosemite and Glacier National Parks, and explore the past and present violence of volcanoes in Hawai?i, Yellowstone and Big Bend National Parks. This lecture series will also delve into the unique ecology of some of our national parks, with a close-up tour of the flora and fauna of these parks, from the buffalo and wolves of Yellowstone to the California condors of the Grand Canyon and the alien desert plants of Big Bend National Park. Join the adventure,and experience some of the greatest treasures of the United States.


  • The Grand Canyon: Geologic time and the forces of erosion
  • Yosemite: Glaciers, majestic pines and John Muir
  • Glacier and Rocky Mountain National Parks: Mountains and grizzlies
  • Hawai?i Volcanoes National Park: Islands born from volcanoes
  • Yellowstone: Geysers, supervolcanoes and the American Serengeti
  • Big Bend National Park: From ancient seas to desert landscapes

CO-SPONSOR: Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, Rice University

This course was initially offered in Fall 2020. You may also be interested in Dr. Lee's blended course of pre-recorded and synchronous lectures, Nature and Geology of U.S. National Parks: From Crater Lake to the Everglades.


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The Nature and Geology of U.S. National Parks: From Glacier to the Grand Canyon
Online, self paced
Mar 01, 2021 to Jun 01, 2021
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This course will be held online in an on demand format.   Access will be available March 1 through June 1. For questions, contact cpcoord@rice.edu


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