Modern astronomy is a source of inspiration and awe for scientists and lay people alike. The course will start with a history of mankind's understanding of the cosmos from the Greeks through the Copernican revolution to Newton, focusing on how observations confronted and altered our understanding of our place in the universe. The course will then survey modern astronomy beyond the solar system, including the life cycles of stars, the formation of planets, the structure and formation of the galaxy, the formation and evolution of galaxies, ending with the origin of the Universe in the Big Bang. This course is a compliment to MLSC 506 and students who have taken that course are welcome to continue their studies in MLSC 550.

Course Details

Science Core/Elective

Schedule: Jan. 10-March 21, 2019 (skipping March 14; one additional class to be scheduled)

Days: Thursdays

Time: 6:15-9:30 p.m.

Instructor: Dr. Christopher Johns-Krull

Classroom: ACC TBD

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This course is a part of our Graduate Liberal Studies programs. Participation requires acceptance to the Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree program. MLS is tailored toward working adults, retirees and other non-traditional university students who wish to broaden their knowledge in fields they may not have studied in their earlier education.


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