One thing AP Preparedness and “EdTech” have in common is that both can too easily become buzzwords, packed with promises untethered to our daily classroom realities. This week we’ll try to find ways to bring the ideals of both into the average social studies classroom in practical ways that may stretch us a little, but which are still driven by the individual teacher and the ever-changing needs of our precious little darlings.


Participants will practice and discuss AP preparedness strategies and skills in the classroom while also exploring some of the game-changing possibilities of the technology they mostly likely already have in front of them. Yes, we’ll throw in a bit of pedagogy and an inspirational thought or two, but mostly we’ll be discussing and trying out stuff to amplify what we’re already doing – teach a little content, build some academic skills, and hope the kids who leave us in May are a tiny bit more useful than the ones who showed up to us the previous fall.


Topics may include the following:

  • Asking good questions: the key to understanding, retention, critical thinking and world peace
  • Document analysis for beginners
  • Teaching reading when you thought you signed up to teach social studies
  • Laying the foundation for historical writing
  • How to give meaningful and efficient feedback without overwhelming yourself
  • Collaboration within the Google Suite of Apps for Education
  • Harnessing the collective student mind for content creation
  • Using cellphones in the classroom for good instead of evil
  • Small edtech strategies for teachers and students that make a big difference
  • The power of curation


What participants should bring:

  • Laptop
  • Participants need to have a Google account so they can access / collaborate on digital files created for the training


Instructor bios:

Dallas Koehn taught Pre-AP and “On-Level” American Government, U.S. History, and Oklahoma History at Union Intermediate High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma for nearly 20 years. He is now teaching AP World & AP U.S. History at Concord Community Schools in Elkhart, IN, where it snows more than he dared ever dream and he can watch Dallas Stars hockey more easily than he could when he lived much closer to it. He has been a consultant for the College Board and worked with middle school and high school teachers in a variety of settings over the past fifteen years, including summer institutes in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, and served in a variety of other professional development roles as circumstances allow. Dallas is a regular annoyance to anyone in charge of him and far too amused with himself on social media, but is otherwise quite tolerable in small doses.


Barrett Doke has taught 8th grade Pre-AP U.S. History and 11th grade AP U.S. History for 13 years. He has worked for Rice as a Cooperating Teacher to train and mentor new teachers and as a Content Specialist in Educational Technology for the Rice University Master of Arts in Teaching program. With support from his administration and PTO, he helped create and co-lead a Chromebook initiative for the 8th grade Vanguard program at his current school, T.H. Rogers School.


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