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Course Location Format Availability
Communication for Nonprofits CPNPM1115 Not Currently Available
Emergency Succession Workshop CPNPM1505 Online Online Available
Framework for Succession Planning CPNPM1500 Not Currently Available
Leadership in Action CPNPM1730 Not Currently Available
Leadership Institute for Nonprofit Executives (LINE) Certificate CPNPM1705 Not Currently Available
Managing a Development Team CPFUN1120 Online Online Available
Measuring Digital Marketing Success CPNPM1058 Rice Campus Online Available
Nonprofit Finance Certificate CPNPM1710 Online Online Available
Planned Succession Workshop CPNPM1510 Online Online Available
Social Media Content and Communication CPNPM1056 Online Online Available
Social Media Strategy: Basics and Beyond CPNPM1052 Online Online Available
Strategic Planning CPNPM1110 Online Online Available