We all know that smooth leadership transitions are critical to an organization's long-term success, yet less than 30% of nonprofits have a formal succession plan. That's likely because effective succession plans must account for a great deal of uncertainty: not just the "how" but also the "when" and the "why." This series of workshops will help your organization prepare for any kind of transition, with clear guidance on how to prepare for departures, communicate with your stakeholders and onboard new leaders.

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Courses in this series include:

Framework for Succession Planning

This overview session, designed for board members and executive staff, lays the groundwork for successful succession planning: outlining the key elements of an effective plan, differentiating the types of transitions organizations might experience and why that matters, identifying which roles would benefit from a formal succession plan, and defining the responsibilities of board and staff in the event of a transition.

Emergency Succession Workshop

When absences or departures occur unexpectedly, nonprofit organizations must be prepared to continue the critical work of key staff. This hands-on workshop equips nonprofit organizations with the processes, practices and tools they need to ensure continuity of operations and programming while they make longer-term plans to manage an absence or transition. Key staff of nonprofit organizations are encouraged to attend this campus-based workshop where they will develop emergency succession practices that can be shared with board and staff.

Planned Succession Workshop

When a leader or key staff member leaves – whether on an emergent or a planned basis – their organization should be prepared to manage that transition effectively through a comprehensive succession plan. Designed for board members and key staff to attend, ideally together, this interactive workshop walks through the elements of succession planning. Participants will leave with a draft of a succession plan that they can take back to their organizations for feedback and implementation.

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